Car Ampllifier

  • 4CH Channel 4 X240W
  • 4CH Channel 4 X240W
  • 4CH Channel 4 X240W
4CH Channel 4 X240W4CH Channel 4 X240W4CH Channel 4 X240W

4CH Channel 4 X240W

  • 4 CH amplifier
  • 360W X4 for 2ohm
  • 240WX 4 for 2ohm
  • Product description:


- Class D digital ful range 2ohm stable stereo;

- Applying new concept  low-heat Producing circuit ;

- Tri- mode capble

- Channel design 4/3/2 channels

- Ful MOSFET DC-DC PWM power supply

-Four way protection

-Double sided FR-4 PC Board

-SMD technology

-Ni plated RCA input connectors

-Adjustable Low - Pass , Hi-pass

- Connector terminals NI 4Guage input block type power

- connector terminals: NI 4 Guage input block  type power

terminal and 4 Guage out speak block type terminals

-Ultra slim size

Power Description HD 100 4P Input Sensitivity 400mv-6V
MAX Power @ 2ohm 360W X 4 T.H.D <0.05%
MAX Power @ 4ohm 240W X4 HI Pass Frequency 5Hz- 250kHz
Frequency Response 10Hz-50kHz(-3dB) Low Pass Frequency 50Hz-250kHz
Signal noise Ratio 93dB Supply Voltage 10-16V DC
Input Impedance 22k ohm Dimension( mm) 205*176*45

Power Connections:

Before Connecting the power supply , prepare the high-quality power supply and ground wire connection cable,and disconnect the battery ground cable.If the connection cable between the battery and the amplifier is too long  use a car-grade cable of size 8 or larger, and avoid scratches on the surface of the cable by sharp or rough objests to prevent short circuit and potential fire hazards.

GND: The ground cables to be connected to the amplifier GND terminal of the amplifier . Find the grounding position needed for the automobile chassis  amplifier, connect the ground wire to the pre-drilled chassis holewith solder or crimping ring terminals , secure the grounding terminals with nuts.bolts and locking washers, and insulate the ground with paint or silicone to prevent rustand oxidation. silicone can also prevent nuts and bolts from loosening in harsh conditions. After the grounding connections is complete,grasp the cable and connector and make sure the connectoin is firm. In order to reduce the bottom noise and interference. It is recommended that the amplifier and other electronic  devices be grounded to the same position






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