• Car AI Box
  • Car AI Box
  • Car AI Box
  • Car AI Box
  • Car AI Box
  • Car AI Box
  • Car AI Box
  • Car AI Box
Car AI BoxCar AI BoxCar AI BoxCar AI BoxCar AI BoxCar AI BoxCar AI BoxCar AI Box

Car AI Box

  • Android Intelleigent box
  • Optical Output
  • Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto
  • Built in 360 Full View Funciton
  • Product description:

Android & Intelligent ( AI ) box for the Car with CarPlay Funciton :

Upgrade the original operation sytem to Android System

- Double 4 Core, 4 Core CPU , 4 Core GPU

- 4GB RAM +128GB ROM

- Android 10.0

Upgrade the original USB CarPlay to Wireless CarPlay

- Before Upgrade, CarPlay Funciton only can work once the Iphone is connected with original car by USB cable

- After Upgrade,  Do not need connect the iphone and original Car by USB cable, it has been upgraded to Wirelss CarPlay Funciton

- After Upgrade , Wireless Android Auto also is supported.

Reverse Camera Funciton

- Original Camera is analogue Camera

- After upgrade , Support to add the AHD camera after market

- Support the 360 full view funciton

Audio Upgrading

- With Optical Output ; Supporting the optical transfer of the audio products

- Support 5.1CH decoder

- AC-3, DTS decoder

- Dobly Surround Audio

- Supporting Wi-Fi, Hotspot of Mobile 
- Supporting 4G funciton 

Operation Method

- Supporting touch on the original screen

- Supporting the steering wheel control

- Supporting the control of the original Idrive






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