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  • Honda DSP
  • Honda DSP
  • Honda DSP
  • Honda DSP
  • Honda DSP
  • Honda DSP
Honda DSPHonda DSPHonda DSPHonda DSPHonda DSPHonda DSP

Honda DSP

  • 64W X 12
  • Pluging Play
  • Optical Input
  • Support IE Bus
  • Product description:

Special Car DSP Amplifier for Honda Cars

- Pluging Play With the original Speaker socket

- Supporting the original Ie Bus,  the Volume can be controled by the original Steering wheel control button ;

- Support the oriignal optical input ;

- Supporting the audio optical input after market

- Supporting RCA output

- Built in Karaoke Function ;

-Supporting Dobly surround music, Support 5.1CH Decoder

Features :

1) Full Audio Bandwidth up to more than 20kHz thanks to 96kHz Sampling Rate;
2) Cutting -edge extremely powerful " floating point" Audio DSP with 32/40 Bit resolution and 1.2 billion MAC operations per second;
3) 16 Volts compatible without the need to make any changed to the unit;
4)12 speaker outputs with up to 64 Watts for per speaker;
5) input: optical input & differential input pluging play with Honda Cars;
6) With Karaoke Module and Karaoke Microphone Receiver;

7) Automatic Remote Switch ;

8) Compact design with low heat dissipation thanks to extraordinary efficiency.

Output Power Max:
- @ 4 Ohms                               64Watts Per Channel
- @ 2 Ohms                               80 Watts Per Channel
Input                                           Optical input & Differential input
Output                                        Pluging Play with  Honda Cars
Output Voltage RCA/Cinch        6 Volts RMS
Frequency Response                10Hz- 22,000Hz
DSP Resolution                          32/40 Bit Floating Point
DSP Power                                 450MHz ( 1.2 billion MAC operations /second)
Sampling rate                              96kHz
DSP type n                                  Audio signal processor
Signal to Noise ratio (digital input )               112dB
Signal to Noise ratio ( analogue input )         107dB
Distortion (THD)                                             < 0.006%
Damping Factor                                             > 100
Operatiing Voltage                                         9.5-16 Volts
Quicscent current                                           180mA
Fuse                                                                35A

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